Friday, January 29, 2010


Plans thwarted! This weekend is Acquire the Fire here in Richmond and Jon is taking the youth. So, Kate and I made plans to head to Arlington tomorrow to visit Gretchen (since Jon would be gone from 6 am-11 pm). A forecast of 6-10 inches of snow has changed ALL of our plans!! I was sitting at home this afternoon, feeling sorry for myself because my plans to visit my sweet sister got messed up again. AND Kate decided that she was only going to take a one hour nap this afternoon. Oh, but she wanted so much more than that and would. not. sleep. At that point, I felt the "ican'thandlethisican'tbewithyoubymyselfuntil11tonightbecauseyourcontinuousfussingisdrivingmemad" emotions hit. I called G to see what her plans were, and fortunately, she had none! So, within 20 minutes, Kate and I hopped in the car and drove an hour (halfway to Arlington) to meet Gretch for dinner!! Can't say that I've been that spontaneous with Kate before (at least when it comes to leaving town) and it was awesome! We went to O'Charley's for dinner and then shopped at Old Navy and Target before heading back home. And Kate slept the entire time- both ways! And even went right to bed when we got home. Praise God for an awesome sister who was willing to jump in the car to come meet us- even in the middle of a Gilmore Girls episode!!
Looks like the youth won't be making it to ATF tomorrow, so we'll get to have Daddy home with us. A fun, unexpected evening with Gretchen and a snow day tomorrow with my man all trump the fact that ATF ended an hour late tonight!! I'm heading to BED and not waiting up for Jonathan Mark!

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  1. Glad that worked out for ya! Just stopping by to say hey! This is April by the way under mine and Jeff's sn.