Sunday, May 09, 2010

Just one day?

Today is the day that people all over our country celebrate mothers. This year, in particular, I feel that this day is a little bit silly. I equate it to the feeling my husband has about Valentine's Day. "Why should I designate one day out of the year to show you that I love you? That doesn't make any sense! I don't love you any more on that one day than I do on the others!" This year, I wish that every day was for celebrating our moms- and that we would actually remember to verbalize our appreciation. Let me tell you about just the past 2 weeks. And my mom. You'll see what I mean.

On April 26, little Miss Kate arrived at her Gram and Grandpa's house for a sleepover. Her brother was to be welcomed into our family the following morning, and life was simpler for her to spend the night over there. Each day for the rest of the week, Kate spent much time with her Gram (my mom). I was in the hospital from Tuesday until Friday, and my mom was the surrogate mom for those days. Kate and Gram went shoe shopping together, they came to visit us in the hospital, they went for walks, etc. Mom knows our routines and she picks them right up where I left off, so Kate has consistency in a crazy time.

Last Saturday began the "fun." This time, she was being my mom and not Kate's Gram. We spent our afternoon in the emergency room for my semi-open c-section incision. (Jon stayed home, being the all-star dad that he is, playing and caring for Lady Kate.) This is not how recovery went last time around! And so began my week in "recliner confinement." Every day this week, Mom has been at our house. Along with a few other precious friends, Mom has been doing everything that I physically can't (because of pain or doctor restrictions). Think: babysitting while I go back to the doctor, feeding Kate, putting down and getting Kate up from nap, playing with Kate, lifting Kate, doing dishes, cleaning the kitchen, taking out the trash, watering plants, picking up toys, washing clothes- are you getting the picture?

As of Monday afternoon it's determined that I have a pinched nerve in my abdomen, which is causing my pain (not the actual incision, unbelievably). And the never ending incision bleeding is due to the horrific bruising from the surgery (I'll spare the details). Where is Mom? Right next to me, balancing my precious girl on her hip, and fetching everything I could possibly need.

More bleeding on Wednesday of this week. Back to the doctor on Friday. Did I mention that this is not my normal recovery experience? There was Mom again- holding my hand as the doctor messed around and made a mess, trying to fix things. The verdict: a home nurse will be coming to my house over the weekend to pack my wound twice a day. Are you kidding? I'm. So. Over. This. Fortunately, the only pain is still the pinched nerve, but it is rather excruciating. So, who wiped the tears away when I was too overwhelmed to think straight? Yup. My mom. Who prayed over me and with me while still at the doctor's office? You got it. This woman stood next to me, collecting buckets of tears on her shoulder, while reminding me of God's goodness despite my lack of patience and abounding selfishness and frustration. She reminded me of the blessings that we have in a tremendously skilled and highly compassionate doctor, good friends for support, a beautiful, beautiful, healthy baby boy, and even the miracle of blood clotting. :)

And today. The day for moms. As Kate is getting ready to eat her breakfast, she flips out of her high chair and face plants on the kitchen floor. Blood is such a common theme in our house this week, and guess what Kate had to contribute? All. Over. Her. Mouth. And guess who was at our house within 10 minutes? Yes. Mom. My firstborn love is screaming and I cannot pick her up. She fell asleep in Gram's arms until it was time to go to the doctor. (Do you sense a pattern in my life this week? I have left the house 5 times in 9 times. Every time was to see a doctor of some sort.) My mom, in her selfless way, stayed home with Drew, cuddled him, cleaned house again, treated stained clothes, and the list goes on and on and on.

Can you see how one day is not enough? These are just the events of the last 2 weeks. How is it possible to thank someone and appreciate someone as much as they deserve? This year, especially, my mom deserves extra trophies and gold stars. And when June rolls around, don't even get me started on the daddy of my children and my own daddy. I might break the computer with more tears of appreciation.

Praise God for my amazing mom! My best friend and absolute life line.

Saturday, May 08, 2010


Andrew Mark (Drew)
April 27, 2010
10:33 am
7 lbs. 5 oz.

Our family of 4!

Hugs and snuggles- within seconds of meeting her brother

The best surprise we've ever gotten in our lives...