Monday, January 04, 2010


1. Yes, I know it's not Christmas anymore and that I need to change my blog a bit.

2. No, I do not have time to find something cute or create something new and adorable.

3. Yes, this is a conversation that took place this morning at the grocery store:

Employee: Hey, Mollie! (this is the parent of a former student)

Me: Hey there!

Employee: Oh, how cute is she? She is such a beautiful little girl! Is she crawling yet?

Me: Yep, she's just starting to!

Employee: I mean, she is just so beautiful! Are you just having so muchOHMYGOSH! ANOTHER ONE?! ALREADY?????

Me: Yes, already. (I mean, how else do you answer that question??)

I guess my belly is enough to stop someone mid-sentence as she's ooohing and ahhhing over my sweet girl! OH BROTHER!

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