Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentine's Surprise

She lives in Wisconsin. But she was standing on my front porch, knocking on my door! It doesn't always take an awful lot to confuse me, so this really had my head spinning.
The story leading up to the surprise: Valentine's Day always brings out the extreme emotions in me. I love being with the greatest guy I've ever known, and I definitely love buying cards. But I hate walking the halls of a high school on Valentine's Day. Some girls carry around balloons and flowers and chocolate and they look as though they need four extra arms to haul their loot. And other girls plaster a smile on their faces to hide the pain they are feeling inside. The smile that says, "I'm fine. Really, I am. It's okay that I don't have a boyfriend. It's okay that my best friend has 8 pounds of chocolate, 13 balloons, and enough flowers for an entire wedding party. It's not that bad that no one cares about me on Valentine's Day. It's just a silly holiday, anyway." But I know that hurt. I remember it very clearly... I was the "fake smile girl" in high school. And I was so good at that smile! I wish I had REALLY known and accepted God's love for me then. I sure don't completely understand it now, but I really wish I could convey what I DO know to those girls. Never failing and unconditional. Ginny Owens captures it all pretty well, I think...
Face lost in the crowd; Feet wandering empty streets
Voice crying out loud; Heart aching with every beat
Someone searching, searching for someone, Everywhere and endlessly
Wishing, waiting, could there be someone searching?
Soul battered and bruised; Pride wounded and left for dead
Ears deaf to good news; Eyes tear-drenched and sleepless red
Oh I hear the cry and I know the pain; Can it be denied?
That everyone has been and will be... someone searching
Love standing alone; Hands scarred by the nails of hate
Hope suffering long; Faith urging it's not too late
Someone searching, searching for someone, Everywhere and endlessly
Loving, longing, Always there's someone searching for someone; Someone searching
SO... Jon and I had each crashed on a couch in the living room after a long day. As we were talking, there was a knock on the door. Jon, very conveniently, got up to go to the bathroom so that I had to answer the door. And there was Wisco. On my front porch! After lots of laughing and being close to tears, she came in, and it was as though she never left. This has been the greatest weekend full of unexpected fun! Thanks to my hubby who knows the best presents in the world and thanks, God... for amazing friends!!