Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thinking time

Life has gotten hectic again. For a long time I was able to just enjoy being pregnant. I just sat back and enjoyed every second of this special time in my life. Life has changed a bit, though. I still love being pregnant. But now I have to think about specific baby things. There's not a lot of time left and sometimes I feel like I've waited too long! Here are some of my most current thoughts (baby related and not):

- I cannot wait for Kristen to come. I can't believe she is coming from WI to RIC for my first shower!! Maybe she just wants to hide from snow.... :)
- I don't know how to gather my thoughts well enough to write board sub plans for over a month. Too overwhelming!
- Paint? Nursery? Furniture? Nursery?
- How do I relinquish control to God as we make decisions about what I will do next school year?
- I wish my sister lived here.
- American Idol is horrible this year. It keeps getting worse each year. What's the deal?
- We have no free full weekends from now until Babe is here. I'm not sure how I feel about that.
- I hate that all baby bedding sets come with bumpers. Hello?! You aren't allowed to use those anymore (unless suffocation doesn't bother you). What kind of sense does that make? Colossal waste of money.
- I really miss my brother.
- I am far too frequently burdened by my kids (church and school) and the choices they are making.
- I am so grateful for the doctor's comments: No diabetes, great lab work, perfect heartbeat for Babe, great blood pressure for me, perfect measuring, weight gain is great, "A very normal, healthy pregnancy. Come back in 3 weeks instead of two."
- My husband is amazing and I adore him. He is far too good to me- much better than he ever should be. (Morning sickness ended 15 weeks ago and I'm still getting breakfast in bed) I could not wish for a better, more selfless man.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

28 weeks (minus a few hours)

So, someone told me today that I look fantastic. And within 30 seconds she also asked if I was going to gain much more weight because I look like I could deliver any day. Why do people lose their filter around pregnant people?! So, this is a picture for my faves who don't see me everyday.