Monday, March 15, 2010


Oops. My last post was on Feb. 15. Today is March 15. I don't have anything to say other than "oops." Life has been a blur in the past month or so. And, I've developed writer's block. If you can have writer's block when you aren't even a writer in the first place... A glance at the last month that apparently flew by:

Kate is entirely a formula lovin' girl now, and has been for about a month. For this nursing lovin' fool of a mom, it was quite the experience. Kate could have cared less, because she'll roll with anything; I was a basket case. It doesn't matter that I'll get to do it all over again in April. That era with my sweet little girl is over and it wasn't an easy matter for me. Pregnancy hormones were not helpful there! The little lady is ALLLL over the place, too. We're starting to take bets on whether or not she'll be walking by the time her brother gets here. She is dangerously close!! She loves walking (and thinks she is HOT stuff) while she holds on to things (someone's hands, the couch, the trashcan, kitchen chairs, anything!). She entertains herself- in every sense of the word... She can keep herself occupied, but also seems to think that she is hilarious! She has the best "gut laugh" and shows off her 3 sparkly whites whenever she gets the chance. Dada is her favorite friend in the world (he's my favorite too, so it's okay!) and this morning I caught her "talking" on the phone to him while she was playing. Such a sweet pea!

Speaking of Dada, we got to go on a trip in February- just the two of us! Kate stayed with Gram and Grandpa and behaved herself very well! We headed to Chicago for a long weekend at a youth pastors' conference and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! And I was surprisingly FINE to leave Kate behind! I got to see my sweet friend, Kristen, which made the trip even more worth it! Weird grownup moment for us: writing up our wills before hopping on a plane. EEK! More thoughts later on some realizations and good times with God that weekend...

Our little fella will be here in 6 weeks. I cannot even explain to you what it's like to have missed half of your pregnancy. This has been the most bizarre 4 months of my life! 2 more dr. appts. and then I go visit Dr. Lewis once a week. HELLO! Where the heck did time go?! Little man's room is painted and the border will be up soon. Precious friends around town have so graciously offered us furniture, so we'll collect that and soon be totally ready. Well, as totally ready as one can be! ;) The way he is movin' and groovin', I get more nervous each day- we will NEVER be ready for this BOY! In the meantime, I am soaking up every second that I have with just my little girl. She really has the sweetest personality, and it's a little bittersweet to think that my time will have to be divided very soon. Yet, it's supersweet (made up that word) to think that my heart could have even more love for another baby. Kinda blows my mind!

So, Ladybug will turn ONE next month. What?!?!! I'm processing her birthday party every now and then in the back of my mind. And on that note, I'm off to call the pediatrician to schedule her 12 month appointment AND little man's first ever appointment. On the same day. Who DOES that?! Or better yet, who is ABLE to do that?! :)