Monday, February 15, 2010

Who's Cute??

Snow cream!!

Hangin' out at the mall with Baby Will and his mom

Storage for clothes= Great place to play!

Sports Illustrated? Yes, please!

Climbing on Baby Brother

Pushing the trashcan around the kitchen

Just being sweet...

Who needs handles on a sippy? Not me!!

I'm coming to get you, Mom!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

9 months and getting cuter!

Our little Ladybug is 9 1/2 months already! She is the sweetest girl and we are having the best time watching her learn and take in the world around her. She is constantly observing life around her and it's so awesome to watch her mind work. We went for her 9 month appointment the other week, and she entertained the pediatrician like usual! She weighs 17.5 pounds and is 26.75 inches tall. She's hanging out around the 25-30th percentile, and the doctor was pleased with her progress! She was really thrilled to see how well (and quickly) she crawls, and was even more impressed to see her with her sippy cup. She has mastered that bad boy! She loves her juice, but doesn't mind when I water it down. She's also started drinking formula out of her sippy in the past week, in preparation for her stay with Gram and Grandpa while we head to Chicago for a conference at the end of the month (and for baby brother to get his turn at nursing!).

There isn't much that Kate won't eat these days, and she loves to feed herself. Mangoes and pears are the best fruit to eat by yourself, and she loves Gram's mac and cheese. Those pieces of macaroni sure are slippery! Yogurt is delicious and is best when mixed with fruit. Applesauce remains the all time favorite and staple. Crackers and Puffs are a great afternoon snack or appetizer... However, if Mom and Dad are eating something different, this girl gets MAD!!

She is crawling ALL over the place (hasn't mastered stairs... yet) and loves to furniture walk. Who knows? Maybe this girl WILL be walking by the time her brother arrives! She loves to walk while we hold her hands and she is SO proud of herself! Dancing is her new thing- particularly with Dad when he cranks up TobyMac. She flaps her arms around, and if she's standing up, she bounces. The intro music to Mike and Mike on ESPN is also great for dancing. She LOVES music!!

Life is just great when you're almost 10 months old. She plays happily by herself in the living room while I finish up dishes or work on dinner. And sometimes she just giggles to herself. I wish I knew what she was thinking!! Not everything goes in the mouth anymore- only when the teeth are a little sore. The bottom two both popped through at the same time, on her 8 month birthday! We can see both top teeth just underneath the gums, but they haven't made their official entrance yet. She seems to be handling the second batch better than the first!

Ladybug is a talker and she will chat with anyone! I guess that doesn't require much explanation in this family. Let's just hope her brother will be able to get in a few words one day!

I think that Daddy is currently her favorite friend. She looks all over for him when he's not in her sight. She waits at the door (standing at the storm door) for him to get home from work and gets so excited every time she sees him. She's a pro at waving goodbye when he leaves for work, and then she goes right back to playing. Daddy rolls around on the floor with her (Mom can hardly get up and down OFF the floor these days!) and they tickle and giggle together. Too precious for words, and it makes my heart so happy!

That's enough for now. I could write all day about this child... Next post will be some recent pics of my little love. Have a great week!

Sunday, February 07, 2010


My friend Mary posted this link on her blog the other day. She called it a "must-read" for moms, and I totally agree! Such a great reminder for those of us who strive daily to be good mothers... Just a few thoughts as we try to keep our perspectives focused.