Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I'm in need of some names. Before we started having kids, I had a long list of names (first and middle) that I loved. Not so much anymore... All of a sudden, I don't like the names I once did. I can't come up with anything that I adore quite as much as Kate. And Kathryn Grace seems to flow so perfectly to me! I walk around the house saying names out loud, and none of them sound just right to me. Maybe that's because this baby boy still isn't reality in my mind. I guess delayed reality isn't that abnormal when you miss the first half of your pregnancy (crucial processing time, in my opinion). So, this little fella needs a name. I think we're set on his first name- and yes, we are keeping it a secret again, so don't ask- but we're still working on a middle name.

Next naming situation, although not nearly as vital as naming your son... The name of my blog will have to change. Jon and Mollie plus Kate was creative at the time, but with the arrival of #2, it just won't do any longer. Had I been smart like Sheila or Cheri or Kirsten, I wouldn't have this problem. Their blog names can last forever! So, I'm back at square one. Any suggestions??


  1. aw, got a shout out on your blog, woop woop! ha ha.
    As far as names go, we like a lot of boy names but nothing seemed to fit. When I mentioned Caleb when we were pregnant with Ethan, Matt shot it down right away. However, this time it just seemed to fit so that is what we are going with. You will find something that "fits" and it might not be one you've considered. Everyone kept sending me ideas and none of them I liked.

  2. I just started reading through name list and made a Word doc and put down any name that I could live with. Then I started putting them together, sounding them out... It helped to start by looking at everything I would consider (even if I didn't LOVE some of them!)

    As for blog names... I will think about it, friend!

  3. hmmmm middle names.... of course i have no idea what first name you've chosen but some of my favorites that i didn't get to use are joshua, alexander, cole, and samuel. in fact, rachel would have been samuel if she had been a boy (which at the time i swore she was. i guess i'm not very instinctive.)

  4. Nymbler is a great baby naming help! You give them names you like, and it generates other ones you may like based on your preferences! I don't know how well that will help with middle names, but still pretty fun.

    As for blog could always be Jon and Mollie Plus. :) And at least your blog address is just Jon and Mollie or you'd really be in trouble!

  5. Oh - I love names. (And I am so flattered by seeing my blog linked to yours. Thank you so much!!)

    Sooo.. . . boy names - Truett. Ryder. Wolfgang. Stryder. Colby. Jax. Zeplin. Noble. Maxx. Cooper.