Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Who is confused?

By the looks of this picture, it's me. 23 weeks and getting rounder in the belly AND in the face!

Friday, January 16, 2009

I stink!

I didn't think I would be very good at keeping up with a blog, and it turns out... I was right. :( My poor out of town friends and family keep trying to get more information about our lives, and I simply have NO time to do it! Teaching full time while growing a child is quite possibly the most exhausting thing in the world! (although I wouldn't challenge Sheila, with 2 under 2) Add that to being the wife of a youth pastor, and the free days are spent at church! Fortunately, I had a ton of free time over break to clean the house and get a nursery available. We cleaned out the office upstairs and emptied it of just about everything! The desk and huge desk chair, filing cabinet, keyboard and stand, and bookcase are all moved out (into the trash or into the guest room), and all that remains is a leather couch! We figure that will be a good place for a nap when needed. :) Fortunately, the walls are already a light green and we're going to leave them that way. They just need a fresh coat of paint! When will that happen? Beats the heck out of me... How are you supposed to prepare for a baby when you are hardly at home?!

Today is 24 weeks, and we'll head to the doctor in just a bit. Unfortunately, I'm home on the couch and sick. I was running a fever yesterday and had a painful cough, but the fever was gone and the cough was less painful by bedtime. I attempted a day at school today, but ended up taking a half day. Today my throat is raw and feels like daggers. The fever is back and higher, and the cough hasn't really gone anywhere. And since the meds I can take are so limited, it's entirely frustrating! We'll see what Dr. Lewis has to say this afternoon...

We finally got a camera, so when I figure out how to put pictures on the computer, we'll add another belly pic. I can't get any to look right or any that I like, so I frequently forget to take them! And maybe I'll try to get a pic of the empty room upstairs as a "before" picture. We were planning to register tomorrow, but I have a funny feeling I'll be parked on the couch and not moving. :( Praise God for a 3 day weekend and for not having to use another day to be home sick!