Monday, November 23, 2009

Sharing ice cream

As I frantically tried to finish up my bowl of ice cream this afternoon, a little girl in pink watched me with big eyes that began to fill with tears. Not only has she now learned that a bowl and a spoon equal food, it was time for her to nurse. She was both angry and jealous. I finished up, scooped her into my arms and she was happy for a moment. I gave her kisses and as we were snuggling, I realized that a tiny tongue was finding its way onto my lips and INTO my mouth!!! Gross! She wanted to try whatever Mom was eating! She knew where to find the remnants, too! And Greenhill girls DO love some ice cream!! I think we'll avoid the kisses next time!

Now the little girl in pink is chewing on Daddy's Christmas present that just came in the mail. Guess it's time to go wrap some presents!!


  1. Ewww, hahaha! A girl after my own heart (the ice cream, not the french kiss)...

  2. I hadn't been checking your blog, so I've missed all these wonderful posts! Great fun gift ideas! Glad you're blogging with a vengeance. :)