Thursday, November 05, 2009

Gift Ideas for the Book Lover

Today's gift ideas make me very excited. We LOVE books in our family! In fact, one day when we have to move out of our house, it will be because we've accumulated so many books- not because our family is growing in size! You can find a stash of books in almost every room of the house! As a former English teacher, I LOVE books. I don't necessarily love the books that an English teacher is supposed to love, though. But, I do love to read. And hubby might love to read even more than I. He is often reading 6 or 7 books at a time. I sure can't do that. Here are some authors (and specific books) that we've enjoyed in our family.

Clive Cussler- This has become a common element between my hubby and his father. They both really enjoy all of Cussler's books, and often trade them back and forth. Any of his books will do!

Ted Dekker- A Christian author out of Colorado; Definitely not my style (or content!), but my brother and Jon really enjoy him a lot. Again, any book you choose will be a good one!

David Baldacci- In particular, Wish You Well. This was a summer reading book for my students one year, so naturally I read it too. It's completely unlike his other books (courtroom setting) and I adored it.

Kristin Billerbeck- She's labeled as a Christian Chick Lit author. My sister and I really enjoyed the Spa Girls series (3 books) and also What a Girl Wants. Very light reading; they're what we call a "great beach book."

Ray Blackston- Also a Christian fiction novelist, and also a great "beach book" author. Flabbergasted and A Delirious Summer are our favorites.

Jane Austen- Pride and Prejudice. I love it. The. End.

David McCullough- He writes those books that are big enough to make Kate as tall as me. I haven't actually read any of them, but my dear husband has really gotten into them. As far as I can tell, he hasn't disliked one yet! I'd guess his favorites are 1776 and John Adams, though.

Larry Burkett- Money Matters; My parents gave this book to us for Christmas the year we were engaged. We have lent it to many people, and it's been really helpful in working our finances. It also has tons of practical questions and answers to almost anything money related.

Gary Chapman- The Four Seasons of Marriage; This book really nails it on the head. Everyone goes through different seasons in their marriage- over and over again. This book addresses those seasons and what to expect in each of them, and also how to work through the tough parts.

John Rosemond- Parenting by the Book; This book will challenge your thinking about how you parent. I'm studying it in my moms' group this year and it can be really hard to read sometimes! He takes a tough approach to parenting that goes against everything our culture tells us. He is a psychologist who no longer buys into the "crap" that psychologists tend to preach. Buckle up if you snag a copy! I love this book.

Louie Giglio- I am not but I know I AM; How's that for a title? The premise is simple. Remember your place in the universe, and recognize God for who He really is. Basic ideas, but beautifully written.

Linda Dillow- Calm My Anxious Heart; I love how books can bring people together. My precious friend Kristen lives a million miles away (not really, just Wisconsin... but it seems like it!) and we are reading this book together. We read a chapter at a time and chat about it, usually once a week. It's a book on finding contentment and being okay with who you are and where you are.

And because we love to laugh, I always buy a comic book for hubby for Christmas. Not like Superman or Spiderman comics, but books such as Calvin and Hobbes or The Far Side. Our top favorites are Pearls Before Swine and FoxTrot. Totally our senses of humor! Here's a sneak peek into the two, and then head over to Sheila's site to find more ideas!


  1. Whoa, book woman! :o) Good ideas-- I like the reading a book and "book clubbing" long distance idea!

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