Monday, November 02, 2009

Christmas for the Ladies

Well, it's November 2nd, so you know what that means! Time for the blog carnival of Christmas ideas! Sheila (from Momfessions) had a great idea for a gift idea exchange, and today is Day 1: Gifts for HER (women in general, not just my sweet friend Sheila!).

1. Immersion Blender: This is one of my all time favorite kitchen gadgets. The immersion blender has several attachments, depending on what you're making. I especially love it for when I need to mix something, but don't want to use my enormous mixer. I don't have a hand held mixer, so this works really well! A mini food processor/chopper also comes as an attachment... Make smoothies, quick purees, or even brownies! The best part is that you don't have to dirty any other dishes- use the immersion blender right in the bowl you're already using!

2. James Avery jewelry: I love James Avery jewelry. I'm pretty sure one of the first volunteers in my youth group got me hooked on Avery's designs. (Thanks, Karey Garrison!) My favorite is the crosslet ring. It's so simple, yet makes a profound statement about what I believe. I wore this ring on my left ring finger until the day I received something more beautiful and sparkly to take its place! ;) It comes in silver or gold, so you can take your pick for your favorite lady! James Avery makes all sorts of gorgeous pieces- and not all are religious. I just happen to prefer the ones that are! Check out his website:

3. Massage: Be sure that your gift receiving girl even LIKES massages- I know of several who don't want to be touched at all! You can really find some great deals on massages (and still receive quality treatment)! For example, the YMCA where we belong offers a deal to members: $60 for an hour. That is a DEAL compared to going to a spa! They have a room set up that is very cozy- candles, music, dim lighting- with a very comfy massage bed! Of course, the masseuses are all certified, so rest easy! Another option is booking an appointment at a massage school. My sister did this with some friends, and even determined the best time to go. Training at the school lasts for a certain number of months. If you can figure out when their training is coming to a close, go then! They will have learned a lot and had lots of practice by this point. It's not quite as glamorous as a spa or anywhere else, but I've heard the quality is still good!

Head over to Sheila's blog to see what suggestions she has. I can't disagree with any of them! And, if you feel so inclined, link up on her blog to your own page and share some more ideas with us!


  1. Good ideas! I could totally use a massage today-- I don't want to wait until Christmas!!! :)

  2. I can see we have similar taste in gifts! :)