Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun

It's so strange how I can't think of anything to write, even when life is completely crazy and busy. There's so much to tell, so I guess I get overwhelmed and pretend that my blog doesn't exist! We just enjoyed one of the best Thanksgiving holidays that I can remember. As Mom and Dad headed out of the country to visit Daniel, Gretchen scooted down here to head to Durham with us for Thanksgiving. What a fun treat!!! She was an enormous help- with Kate, with packing, with EVERYTHING. And we got her to ourselves for almost an entire week!! And thanks to my parents who let us borrow their car so we could fit! The Volvo isn't so great for a road trip- especially since we were taking Gretch with us! Thanksgiving was just with Gretchen, the Richmond Greenhills, Jon's parents, and his sister, her husband, and kids. 10 people (11, including Kate) crammed into the kitchen eating Thanksgiving dinner and it was just awesome. Everyone was in a good mood (very little stress!) and we really just enjoyed being together. We laughed a lot, ate a ton, and slept a little. Kate loved playing with toys at her Gaga and Papa's house. She was fascinated by playing with the bumblebee toy with Gaga and giggled and squealed at Papa's Donald Duck noises.

We are so blessed with great family. I am so thankful that my family lives in town and that Jon's family is not too far away. I grew up without seeing my grandparents very often because of distance, and I'm grateful that Kate knows and adores her Gram, Grandpa, Gaga, and Papa!

No formal pictures of Thanksgiving, but here are few that ended up on my camera... You can only guess how they landed there!

Crazy kids in the car...

Someone found Dad's sunglasses in his car...

Kate says, "Don't forget about me back here!"

Sleepyhead with Daddy

#1 favorite toy- that got left behind... Big thanks to Gaga for mailing it back to us SO quickly!!!

Daddy is great for climbing on!

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  1. I could stare at those pix of Kate for hours. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. Gobble, gobble (or as I wrote on a sign to be taped on the car window on a Thanksgiving road trip in elementary school, goble goble... and my brother made such fun of me, I have now always remembered how to spell such an important word)!