Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Gift Ideas for HIM

If I'm really honest (and I do tend to try to be!), this one makes me cringe. I am forever at a loss of what to get my dear husband for pretty much any occasion. Anniversary, Christmas, birthday, you name it. Part of the problem is that their "toys" are so expensive! Sheila mentions a certain Apple product in her post today, and that's just one of many examples of pricey gifts (although a guaranteed success). Here goes, though. And they aren't necessarily easy on the wallet.

1. Subscription to Sports Illustrated- Magazines.com often has deals on subscriptions, and this has been an awesome one for my hubby. Girls love to flip through magazines, and guys do too, sometimes! One of my favorite parts of ordering online is that we can opt out of the swimsuit issue and get extra issues in its place. This saves me from having to dig it out of the mailbox and discard it (that's my job because he won't touch it) before he gets home. He would much rather read about more sports, anyway!

2. Leatherman pocket knife- This is where I am mostly clueless. But, he has mentioned it for the past several years (since I am clueless, he has yet to receive one!), so it must be something exciting. A Leatherman is "like a Swiss army knife, only more heavy duty," according to my man. It contains pliers and sometimes a saw, and other manly things (my words, not his). It's kind of like buying a car. There are many different accessories that you can get- and that will alter the price. And since I don't know what things are "good" to have on there, I haven't ventured out to purchase one! My description is fairly unhelpful, I realize, but it's an idea nevertheless! I chose this picture because it looked the most scary- 18 tools in one!

3. Starbucks gift card- I was thinking really hard this morning about what gifts would be good for this post. I asked HIM for some ideas and didn't really get too much of a response. But, my phone rang just now with some affirmation for me! The Starbucks gift card that I put in his stocking each year is one of the most anticipated gifts, apparently!! From the mouth of the gift card receiver, "It's a really good excuse to be able to go relax and enjoy yourself. Especially when money is tight, you can still get a great drink, take it easy, and not feel guilty." There you have it!

Head over Momfessions to see what other ideas people have for this winter! Happy shopping!



  1. Thanks for including a pic of Brett (in the original green & gold) on this post. ;) I'm trying to get ideas for my work guys through these HIM posts.

  2. Good ideas! I think I'll have to get a Starbuck's card for Andrew's stocking! :)

  3. My mom steals the SI subscription idea each year, I agree husbands are hard to buy for! Great ideas :)