Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I just spent at least 30 minutes on the phone with Babies R Us. That place scares me to begin with, so I thought I would just place a simple online order. Simple? Yeah right. When we registered there, we got a rewards card. All we had to do was register the card online and we get free shipping on our first online purchase. So, I did what any normal money saving person would do- I saved up the big items so I could get free shipping on those. Well, of course... Babies R Us (the store) gave us outdated literature. That promotion no longer exists. Thanks. So, I fought it! If you are going to give me faulty information, you're going to have to fix it somehow! I held and was transferred, held some more, talked to supervisors, held some more... You get the picture. End result? $15 off my shipping. Not ideal, since it was almost $90 to begin with, but I guess it's something. And something is always better than nothing, right?? *sigh*

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