Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fun times and surprise visits

Kristen came to visit last week and we had such a fun time together! We painted the nursery (you can't really see the color very well in the pictures), got pedicures, ate a lot, took tons of pictures, went shopping, had a baby shower, and even squeezed in time for a photo shoot. Here are some of my top picks from the pictures that were taken...
Pedicures with "Jenny Nails"

I really like to look at him.

Painting "Crocodile Dreams" on the wall

Photo shoot pictures to come... Today was a surprise visit to the doctor- this lazy girl hasn't really moved for 2 days. She's usually so ridiculously active that it was a little weird, so we went in for an NST to be sure everything was okay. Of course it was- "everything's perfect!!" was the end result. So, back to normal life. I'm just thankful that we made it 33 weeks before we had cause to be hesitant about anything. Thank you, Lord!!

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