Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tough decisions

Have you ever had to make a decision that was really easy but still really hard at the same time? Last week I wrote and turned in my letter of resignation to Henrico County Public Schools. New employer for the 2009-2010 (and beyond!) school year: Little Miss Greenhill. It's what I've always wanted. It's what Jon has always wanted for me. To stay home with our kids. But the strange feeling that I got last week is not one that I can even put into words. We decided to take a few weeks to pray about next year (we knew what we wanted, but was it really what God wanted for our family?) and we agreed not to even talk to one another about it in the meantime. And weeks later, we came to the same ... being Mom is the job for me and I have a complete peace about it.

I adore my school. I am biased, but it's been the most awesome place to work. I love my faculty, my administration, and my closest friends there. I even really like my kids most of the time. I really can't complain. So, it's weird to leave behind something that you love! But at the same time, I have no desire to be there at all when I have a sweet little girl in my life. It's strange to think about (especially since I'm not actually holding this babe in my arms quite yet). I will really miss my friends next year. Fortunately, we still live in the same city! But, I can't wait to treasure precious times with my little girl that I will remember forever. I can't handle the idea that someone else would be spending days with her and that it wouldn't be me!
So why was it so hard to tell my friends and school family that I'm not coming back next year? I'm still not sure. But it was tough. Even though I know without a doubt that I'm doing the right thing. We will be in a drastically different financial boat. But, that's what parenthood is about- making sacrifices in order to do what's best for your kids. It will be a challenging time for us, but I'm excited to see what God will teach us and how we will grow together and toward Him as a result!


  1. I am excited for you and Jon... and even though this was a tough decision, you are right that God is faithful and He will lead you through it. I am excited to see pictures of your little girl!! Hugs to you both.

  2. You'll love it. It's the hardest/bestest job IN THE WORLD!

  3. Hey you. I totally understand. Well, not totally, but I am at least understanding. It is a tough decision, especially when you have a job already and you like it. And it's a very personal decision, so sometimes sharing it with other people is the hardest part. People and their opinions! You guys have to do what you think and pray is best, so it seems like you've done that, and I think when you've got your little one, this will all be confirmed. Not to say that you won't still miss your job later on or wonder on hard days if you should go back to work. And maybe one day that time will come! But for now, have peace with your decision.