Friday, December 11, 2009

It's true. It really is!!!

I never knew I was capable of stirring up such drama on Facebook! Mostly, I didn't realize that so many people actually were that curious about my life. I mean, really!

So, what is it that's true? Well, many things are true these days... My sweet brother is home safely from a semester in Serbia, my precious sister is coming this weekend for our Christmas cookie/baking extravaganza, my awesome in-laws and amazing niece are coming from NC for Kate's dedication this weekend, my parents are just the dearest people I know, my daughter is still the joy of my life, and my husband is the most attractive man in the known universe. I could go on about him for days. I bet y'all wouldn't have kept asking "What's true?" if you had known that my answer would look like that!!!

However, in addition to all of those factual things, one additional thing remains true. And it can be told in any number of ways. Kate is going to be a big sister. The Greenhills are becoming a family of 4. I am rapidly getting larger around the middle. Kate didn't even harass us for one, but she is getting a baby brother for her first birthday!

Why the sudden announcement that is full of details are that aren't typical for the first news? Well, to spare you the details (email or message me if you want them), just know that medical data isn't always entirely accurate. When we arrived for our 8 week ultrasound on Monday of this week, we learned that I was not growing an 8 week baby in my belly (as I had guessed). In fact, I have a 19 week baby in my belly (not exactly what I had guessed)... and it's a boy! Again, sparing the details for sake of time, this discrepancy is entirely possible and not unheard of. All of that to say, we are thrilled that God has seen fit to bless us with another baby so quickly; he is due around the beginning of May, but will probably arrive in late April. We are still in a whirlwind from this past week and the shock is slowly wearing off. A HUGE thanks goes to the people closest to us in our lives, who have provided unending encouragement and love. We so appreciate the kind words and the lack of inappropriate/rude questions/comments from people- people who are just excited to celebrate with us!! Thank you, thank you, thank you from this hormonal mama!

So, here we are. My beautiful ladybug, her brother, and one tired mom! Oh, my friends... God is good. He is so good!


  1. CONGRATS MOLLIE!! God has truly blessed your family.

  2. I have a feeling that your blog got more hits today than ever before! And with good reason! :) Still laughing...

  3. Congratulations! That's so exciting! It's been so much fun to watch how much you are enjoying being a mom! :)

  4. CONGRATS!!!! I love having a girl and a boy and hope you will too! I need some details-- let's chat!!! :)

  5. i am THRILLED for you all! What a joy! :) Keep me updated on your life. Still excited to meet the little girl... and now the little boy too! HUGS to you and Jon and baby Kate.

  6. oh my gosh!!!!!! I am so happy for ya'll!!!!!!!! That is so exciting!!!! What a beautiful blessing!!!!! You look so great too. I am just smiling from ear to ear and could not be happier for you guys.


  7. I am SO THRILLED for you Mollie! And jealous! What a precious, amazing, and exciting surprise for your little family. Kate and little Baby Greenhill are going to be best friends. Congratulations a million times over!!!