Sunday, September 06, 2009

Mums and Football

It seems as though fall has arrived here in Richmond! So, I decided to autumnize my blog a little. Yes, this English teacher just made up that word. I've always loved fall and fall colors, but I'm especially enjoying it this year... It doesn't usually cool down quite this early (in the 80's... ha, ha!), but it gets in the low 70's at night, which makes this air feel much cooler! I ran by school to return my keys last week and the drum line was out front practicing. Praise God!! There's something about that deep sound that resonates through my soul, and gets me giddy for football. And I'm not even a huge football fan! Kate's eyes were huge as she took it all in. Each season brings new sounds and sights for her and I'm so excited to watch her learn even more.

Fall also means mums and I can't wait to go get them. I'm crazy like that, but I do love a few pots of mums perched on the front steps- gold, maroon, and orange. Such great fall colors!

Fall means football. My poor ASU Mountaineers couldn't quite pull it off this past weekend. Pirates are so mean. But as a college friend said, "Turned out to be a pretty good game - I still hate losing! But I can promise you this....I would rather lose a ballgame and ride back to BOONE than win and have to stay in a dump like Greenville." True, true. I don't really care too much about other football. I'll definitely cheer on the Panthers with my hubby and the Steelers with the rest of my family, but other than that... football makes for a good nap!

School starts here on Tuesday. And I'm not going. So weird! I've found myself thinking about it a ton lately, and almost literally crying in thanksgiving to Jesus for making it so I can stay home with my sweet pea. I will miss my friends, for sure, but check out my alternative!! Nothing beats those kissable cheeks and a huge gummy grin!

Enjoy the weather as it gets crisper, relax as football season kicks off, take in the smell of the fall air, and snuggle up in your favorite pair of jeans. God is so good to us!!

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