Saturday, September 26, 2009

The little lady

I suppose it's time for an update on our sweet girl, since we have many friends and family out of town/out of the country, and verbal communication is not always possible.

At Kate's 4 month appointment, which was actually closer to 5 months (thank you, slow insurance company), she weighed 15 pounds, 10 ounces. She measured 23 3/4 inches, but the doctor thinks she really is 24 inches and that the nurse didn't stretch her out as much as she could have. So, little lady is 2 feet tall! She got another round of shots, and she did really well! She is all smiles, so the doctor enjoyed our visit! Kate helped the doctor as she listened to her heart- she will grab anything in front of her, and this time it happened to be the doctor's fingers that weren't holding the stethoscope!

Our sweet pea is always looking around, with huge eyes, taking everything in around her. She wants to learn so badly! She prefers to look out the window during car rides instead of snoozing. It's been a long time since she let us cradle her like a baby. She wants to be up on someone's shoulder, so she can look around- even when she's being rocked to sleep. I guess she's wanted to be like the grownups from the very beginning... she wouldn't flip when I was pregnant with her, remember?? Grownups do NOT stand on their heads, and she was not going to either! A reclining position is much better. Her comfort in reclining also extends to football watching. She LOVES to watch football and Sports Center. This makes Daddy happy.

She has figured out how to roll over (my birthday present from her) and she's trying hard to crawl. She pushes herself so far up and tries to pull her legs up underneath her, but it doesn't work quite yet! This mama is okay with that for now. ;) She scoots a lot, so when we put her to bed, we start her at the far end. Come morning time, she has scooted all the way up and often has an arm sticking out of the slats of the crib! Since she loves to grab things that she sees, that also means the pacifier. She's AWESOME at taking it out of her mouth and looking at it and playing with it, but she can't figure out how to get it back IN her mouth... at least not in the direction it's supposed to go!

She loves to laugh and she loves to talk. She comes by it pretty honestly. Kisses from Daddy are her favorite, and we always greet him at the front door when he gets home from work. She's always SO excited to see him get out of his car and walk across the front yard.

We went to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens the other day with my mom and our dear friend Agnes to check out the butterfly exhibit. I was amazed at how attentive Kate is. Her attention span is far greater than I anticipated or even knew was normal for someone her age. She was enthralled with the butterflies and followed their every move. We just walked around the room and she jumped and kicked in my arms as butterflies fluttered past her face. Such a fun day!

I think that's enough of an update for now. Maybe a future post will include some of our nursery sagas. It's been an interesting ride, and it's only just starting!

**Just waking up from naptime**

**Wait... how did I end up like this?**



  1. hi Mollie! I read your blog and love the pics of the new baby girl!! she is just tooo cute!! take care!!

  2. Anonymous7:00 PM

    legs spread no diaper would be sweet