Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Boy or Girl?

The number of friends who are expecting seems to keep increasing! And many are due around the same time! Blogs are being updated today, because today is apparently THE day!! Two boys, so far... Which leads me to my experience at the post office today. A month or so ago, I entered the world of this time as a seller. I have books from grad school to get rid of, and you can get good money for those! That, of course, sent me on a hunt around the house (at my husband's prompting) to see what other stuff I could sell. Especially since some books net $75! Poor Jon might come home one day to an empty house... But, I digress. At the post office (while shipping a book that had been sold), I was greeted by the kind lady at the counter. Really, she is kind. Surprisingly. I was carrying Kate in my arms, so she could look around and not be trapped in her seat. Here is the conversation that ensued:

Clerk: "Awwwwwww!!!!! Is it a boy or girl?"

Me: "She's a girl."

Clerk: "Oh, you confused me because she's wearing blue."

Well, I made Kate stand on the counter so I could make my point without speaking another word. Kate had on a bluish-turquoise onesie today with a slice of PINK watermelon on the front, and BRIGHT PINK shorts. All of which could be seen even before I perched her on the counter. I suppose girls are only allowed to wear pink and purple... Come on, people!!


  1. Even if you dressed Kate in a onesie with a truck on it, she'd still look like a girl. Mind you I'm slightly biased...

    Also, kudos on the wallpaper. It reminds me of some of the scraps of Grandma A's wrapping paper... :) Actually it's kinda cute. Just don't buy me a shirt with the same pattern.

  2. I completely agree! Why is everything for boys blue and for girls pink?