Thursday, December 30, 2010

Something NEW in 2011

2011 seems to be promising of many new things!  New year, new babies (not for ME, crazies!  Did I have you wondering??).  New year, new picturesNew year, new goals (I have a few).  New year, new friendsNew year, new recipes (one of my faves!).  New year, new heart (literally, for a friend's baby).  New year, new tricks (as I'm watching my boy scoot across the living room floor).  New year, new clothes (yay, Christmas gift cards!). 

A big one for me in 2011 is new year, new blog "Greenhill, Party of 4" at will be no longer after 2010 passes.   We'll still be a circus-like party of four, but as our focus shifts and goals and dreams for the new year develop, my blog is going to change along with everything else- including its location!!  We'll start out with a few giveaways in the month of January, so you won't want to miss out.  Be sure to check here next week for the details so you'll know where to find the goods!

2011=new blog for me.   

What's new for YOU in 2011?

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  1. Why are you being so cryptic Mollie Greenhill! Just tell us what's going on with the "goods" (: