Monday, December 06, 2010

Christmas traditions and Facebook

Nope, this blog is not about Christmas traditions using Facebook.  Those topics are totally unrelated, but I wasn't coming up with anything creative for a title today.

Facebook news:  For a very long time, I've had Facebook importing my blog posts.  This is where most of you comment on whatever I've written.  After this post, I'm disabling that feature.  SO... If you enjoy reading about our little family or you're entertained by my weirdness or you just like looking at pictures of my sweet babies (I do too, don't worry), go ahead and bookmark this blog!! will provide all of those goodies for you and you can (and should!) comment over there.  AND, an exciting blog change is going to take place in the New Year, so stay tuned for that!  We're working really hard to get it off the ground (ie: my husband is doing a TON of work for me)!

Christmas traditions: I'm a tradition girl.  I love traditions and I love eagerly anticipating them.  In fact, my mom used to remind me that doing something once didn't make it a tradition.  Prime example: She bought us some special treats for a plane ride one time and we looooooved them.  One time, people.  Next plane ride?  "We ALWAYS have those on the plane, Mom!!!!!!!!!"  Anyway, traditions hold a special place in my heart, and Christmas brings out many of them.  I guarantee you'd quit reading this post if I listed them all, so here are just a few.

  •  Nativities: I love having a visual of Jesus' birth.  So much so, that I have just a "few" Nativity sets around our house.  One may or not be the Veggie Tales nativity.  And Kate may or may not have realized that the star (Laura's face with Junior's voice) will screech "O Little Town of Bethlehem" as many times as she might wish to press it.  Growing up, my sister and I loved to play with the nativity and even act out the story of Jesus' birth.
  • Advent calendars: You can find a million different Advent calendars out there.  Many of them have candy in them.  NOT exactly the point of Advent... but hey!  Some of the best Advent calendars include Scripture or activities that help remind us of the purpose of the days leading up to Christmas. 
  • Christmas lights: Don't think much of an explanation is needed for this one.  There are a ton of beautiful tacky fun lights around Richmond and we love to check them out!  If you're in the Raleigh-Durham area, you should scoot on by my sister-in-law's house.  It's quite a sight!! 
  • Pajamas: We always open one package on Christmas Eve: new pajamas to wear to bed!  And Jon got to join in on the fun when we started dating!  Even still, at 28 and 29, we look forward to our new jammies!  I'm especially looking forward to MINE this year, because for the first time since 2007, they will not be maternity pjs.  HA!  ;)
We have some other important traditions in our families related to giving and living lives of gratitude, but that's for another time.

What are some of YOUR favorite family Christmas traditions?


  1. We just started having a Jesse tree thus year, soni guess that's not officially a tradition yet but we want to make it one! I have a chocolate rollo cookie recipe that has become our Christmas cookie of choice. I posted the recipe on my blog. Chuck and I also buy each other a new ornament every year. We've done that ever since our first married Christmas :).

  2. We love our nativities too. We also love making a gingerbread house every year, which we have done every year since my daughter was 2. We also love reading lots of Christmas books, including the Firefighters Night Before Christmas (my husband is a fireman). Then on Christmas eve all our kids have a camp out in our room so we can all go see what Santa brought together.

  3. Kristen E1:35 AM

    At Grandma Alice's house, we have a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas Eve, complete with singing & birthday candles (for the youngest to blow out... which is almost always me).