Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Decisions, decisions!

I. love. Christmas. cards.  A lot.  One of my favorite parts about the weeks leading up to Christmas is finding Christmas cards in my mailbox.  Extra points if they include a Christmas letter.  Even more extra points if they include a picture.  I pop those pictures up on our fridge and they become my reminders to pray for those families each day!  Last year, I had my parents and sister team up to take our family picture.  One person to position us, one to snap (quickly!), and one to make Kate smile.  It's a group effort.  We found a great deal on Shutterfly for our Christmas card last year.  I think it turned out pretty well! (Drew is in this picture too...!!)
 Shutterfly has some awesome options for gifts- and it doesn't even have to be the holiday season!  Their calendars can be hung on the wall, propped on a desk, or displayed in a poster.  This is a really great idea to incorporate more than one family.  Or, how about a birthday party?  You have the option of a photo card or a regular flat invitation.  I really like this one (don't be fooled- this is not my sweet Drew!).  Either way, they're really cute and creative designs with excellent prices!

This year, I'm not even attempting to get everyone smiling in one picture.  It will never ever happen.  Instead, we're going to use the great design options that Shutterfly offers and split into three pictures.  One of Jon and me, one of Kate, and one of Drew.  I think this will work!!  And the best part?  Shutterfly is offering 50 free Christmas cards to bloggers who might want to brag on them!  Luckily for them, I can honestly put together a blog post of praises!  Only problem?  There are an awful lot of choices.  I think I've narrowed it down to 8.  I guess that's not very narrow, is it? P.S.- These are NOT the pictures I'm going to use.  That would ruin the anticipation, y'all!





Which do you like the best?  Or should I just surprise you with one that I didn't include?  ;)


  1. I pick #3!! super cute! and thankyou for reminding me to get off my duff and order my cards!

    (e-mail me your address, I want to send you one!)

  2. I agree..number 3 is the best and we hae also used shutterfly the past few years too! We love it! how do you get the shutterfly deal?

  3. Thanks, y'all!! Ave, go to this website and put in your info. They'll send you a follow up email with all of the details. I'm not certain if it includes photo cards or just Christmas cards, but I'm willing to find out! ;) http://blog.shutterfly.com/5358/holiday2010-blog-submission-form/

  4. #3! i'm a sucker for brown. :)

  5. I like 2 & 4 best. I just really like traditional Christmas colors. Does #3 have pink text? I can't tell. Pink AND brown on an xmas card is a bit much (at least for me). But I would probably still display it if you chose numero tres.

  6. Such cute cards!

    I like to make my own and then get them printed at Vistaprint since they allow you to do double-sided prints. I can write a mini Christmas letter on the back and have it all contained in one pretty package. :)


  7. #3 all the way (: and do i get a christmas card? :D