Monday, November 15, 2010

Size 4 and Number One. Or Two.

The conversation that could be heard in the Swagger Wagon yesterday evening, on our way home from an amazing weekend in Boone.  We're processing through some things we've been learning lately:

Jon: What's something big that you've learned this week about being a mom?
Me: That size 4 Target brand diapers are absolutely not the same fit as a size 4 of any name brand.
Jon: Okay... So, number one.  Diapers.
Me: No, it was actually number two that cause me to have this realization.

GROSS.  But, such is the life of having an 18 month old and a 6 month old.  Diapers, diapers, and more diapers.  One of the hardest things about preparing for a baby is registering somewhere.  Have you ever walked into Babies R Us?  Anyone can feel totally lost in that place!  It's not just like a man in Michael's or a woman in Lowe's or Home Depot (Right, Kristen??)  Anyone can feel lost!  Too. Many. Choices.

And diaper options are as numerous as the stars, I think.  Luvs? Pampers? Huggies? Sam's brand? Costco brand? Target brand? CLOTH? Think about the options and accoutrements that get added if you go cloth!  I remember bringing Kate home from the hospital and using up the remainder of our "free" diapers (you know, the ones you snag off the bassinet cart).  I loved how they smelled (before being filled, that is).  Pampers Swaddlers sealed the deal for me.  She was so cozy and I never ever wanted her to lose that newborn smell.

Then I read somewhere that Pampers are good for long and lean babies and Huggies are good for the rounder ones.  Uhhhh... really?  Maybe it's legit.  I don't know.

I do know that all of our gift cards have now run out and it's time to start purchasing diapers with real money now.  So I busted into Target last week, grabbed a box of size 4 diapers (such a deal for this frugal mama) and headed home.  I now know why my dear friend Dawn was so surprised when I told her that Kate is in a 4.  Because Target size 4 apparently does not equal Pampers size 4.  Which, in turn, means that they don't contain deposits quite as well.  That was our lesson learned this weekend.  Poor Kate and her saggy britches.  It was like putting a newborn in size 2 diapers.

Most moms I know didn't HAVE these options when they were raising their children.  And while many things are much easier now in 2010 than "back then," I sure wouldn't mind a smaller number of options when it comes to baby stuff.

Lest you lose all faith in me entirely, I have been learning other things lately about being a mom.  Check back over the next few weeks to see what I've been learning about discipline, time management, ear plugs, faith, marriage, and a few other things! 

In the meantime, what brand of diapers do/did you use for your children and how do/did you choose them?


  1. We are a Pampers lovin' family. Before Mason was born I heard a lot of people tell me that Pampers were better for girls and Huggies were better for boys. Perhaps this is true for some but not for us. We tried Huggies and it wasn't pretty so we are sticking with Pampers from now on!

  2. For James we could only use the Pampers Cruisers. I swear I tried EVERY other ones and he leaked out of all of them. For Elizabeth we have been able to go to the Pampers baby dry but we tried Huggies for a while and she just kept pulling on them constantly. Made me think they must be uncomfortable.

  3. I am in agreement with the above ladies. Pampers are the best and believe as a mother of 5 i have tried every brand out there!! I have found something wrong with them all. My kids all have sensitive skin and pampers are the only ones that do not make them break out, plus they do not leave those nasty little "seed things" that Huggies do, Luvs work in a pinch but they do leak. Pampers work the best, seldom leak and are great for sensitive bums!!

  4. Huggies for Abby, Luvs for Kate. They had different body shapes, and what worked for one didn't work for the other. AT ALL.