Thursday, June 24, 2010

Colorado and sleeping in

If you live on the East Coast, those two things really do go hand in hand! Since we've been back from our trip out west, Kate has been a champion at sleeping in! The first day back, she slept until 10:30 and today she snoozed until 9:15! Morning nap is out the window at that point! Needless to say, we are still adjusting to
our time zone.

Our trip was phenomenal. We are so thankful that Mom and Dad provided the opportunity for us to go visit with family and for Jon to meet them for the first time. This particular family is rather dear to my heart, and it was so special for my husband and my kids to meet them- and for them to know my family. We took in the sights as much as we could, for a family scooting around town with 2 little ones. Read: We took the long route to the Air Force Academy and then it was experienced from the back seat of the car, rather than getting out (Kate's 1 hr. morning nap), Garden of the Gods- again from the back seat, except for Jon with the camera and ferocious love of nature (Kate's 1 hr. afternoon nap).
Everything we did was leisurely; we simply enjoyed where we were. One day it meant a two hour breakfast in the hotel lobby while catching up with and meeting extended family. Another day it meant a slow morning and a dip in the pool. One of the best things about the weekend (aside from sweet Cousin Shannon's wedding) was meeting more family. I guess it's not really
my family (my aunt's sisters and their kids), but they sure did feel like it by the end of our long weekend! The three musketeers (picture below) snatched Drew up as quickly as they could, and proceeded to snuggle with and love on him the entire weekend. I think I only held him when he needed to eat. Really. They quietly passed him around, from arms to arms. I think they had a "holding schedule," and they took turns and waited patiently. Precious, precious girls. I wish I could have taken them home with me. And not just because they gave my arms a break! We also got to meet my cousin's fiancee. What a treat! And we are so excited that she will be part of our family next summer! When the three musketeers weren't kidnapping Drew, Grethel cuddled with him! And when Drew was otherwise occupied, sweet Grethel played with Kate. That's the way to this mama's heart- love on my children.

It was often hectic in the airport, kids' schedules were all off, but I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. With the help of my parents and sister, of course!

Shortly after landing in CO. Her body thinks it's almost 11 pm!

Focus on the Family- touching the computer screen changes the colors on the pictures!

Nap time!

Pool time!

Pool time!

Beautiful bride and her dad

So victorious!! I love this one!

Cousins: Minus the bride, Daniel, and sweet Tim

After about 6 tries...

Grethel and Drew

The three musketeers

Uncle Charlie, Aunt Kathy, and almost all of us!

Pikes Peak in the background- a more typical family picture, with Kate trying to get down!

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  1. Glad you had such a good trip!! You missed a hot week. But then, you came back to another hot week. Oh, Richmond.