Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Crisp weather and blog carnivals

It looks like it will be a pretty nice weekend in Boone... well, at least not as cold as last weekend. A late afternoon football game will still be pretty chilly, but Kate is in luck because she has this to wear:
She will be one snuggly girl, thanks to Gram!!

On another note, I've been thinking about Christmas gifts. Already. Mostly because I need to budget differently this year, now that I'm not teaching anymore. It won't work to cram in all of my shopping in the last 2 weeks before Christmas! I've had some pretty fun idea for gifts for my sweet hubby in the past, but I often get stumped on what to buy him. Men like the expensive toys and my creative juices get frozen in the winter. My dear friend Sheila is hosting a blog carnival for people to share gift ideas. During the week of Nov. 2-6, there will be different ideas for the different folks in your family. Check out her blog to learn more!

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