Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blogs and numbers

I follow one particular blog because it's all about sweet stuff- cookies, cakes, breads, etc. YUM. Baking vs. cooking. The most recent post has 3800 comments. Ummmm, seriously?? I think I have 2 followers on my blog. Maybe. 3800 comments, though?! Holy smokes. Perhaps yummy desserts are more interesting than my subject matter. Oh well. I'm pretty okay with that. I love my cupcake who is taking her nap right now far more than a cupcake that will make me gain back this weight that is finally gone!!!!


  1. is it the bakerella blog?

  2. i think your little cupcake is quite interesting. :) i'll gladly remain one of your two. xox.

  3. Make that 3 followers! I'm cyber-stalking you now that I know you have a blog too!