Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cleaning and smiles

Is nesting supposed to end once you have had the baby? Because I had the baby 6 weeks ago, and I think that the desire to clean and organize is greater now than it was before!! I wanted a clean house while I was pregnant, but lacked the energy to actually make it that way. I think I secretly hoped that someone else would take care of that for me. Now, Kate is here and I desperately want a clean home. I just don't have the time to do it now! I think she has "Mom's doing something important" radar, and she knows that whatever was so important before will be trumped by her wail for some snuggle time. And then there's the dad factor. I don't want to clean when Jon is home either. I'd much rather waste time watching The Office on DVD (I suppose this can't really be considered "wasting time"). But Jon is gone until Tuesday night on the first part of the youth choir tour in DC. And I am home with our girl. She napped like a champ this afternoon and evening, and I beasted the downstairs. I feel like I could go ahead and tackle upstairs!!! As I finished down here, the princess woke up and announced that it was time to eat once more before bed. I started talking to her before I got into the room, and as soon as I got close to her, here is what I found...

Her hair isn't actually that ridiculous looking, but the smile was too much to pass up! Plus, I can't ever get it captured in a picture. This pic on my cell phone was the best I could do!

Alas, I am not off to clean the upstairs... That will have to wait until tomorrow. I have put the sweet girl in bed, which means it's time to run and jump in mine. Because when will I be awakened? Your guess is as good as mine!

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  1. oh my goodness, SO CUTE!!!!! yay for a smiling baby!!!!
    -kristen e