Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Awesome parents

In case I wasn't already super thankful for my parents, they caused me to take Kate to Panera this morning and hang out for several hours. Why? Because for my first Mother's Day, my parents gave us a house cleaning. They spent 2 hours just on the upstairs- and we do not have a huge house! They cleaned windows, bathrooms, base boards, ceiling fans, etc. We have since returned home and they are still hard at work on the downstairs. And I feel like I'm sitting in someone else's house!! It is BEAUTIFUL!!! My parents have been amazing since Kate was born. They are always doing something to serve us and help us out. I've never felt more blessed in my life. We are so grateful for you, Mom and Dad!!

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  1. kate is just beautiful!! love to see her pics!! enjoy your blog too!!