Sunday, August 02, 2009

Urgent Care and the beach

Yes. That is how our trip to Emerald Isle began this year. Here are the events of Friday night and yesterday:
-Around midnight on Friday night, Kate woke up and started screaming like a she was in severe pain... and NOTHING could console her.
-2 am, Jon put her in the car and drove around the neighborhood.
-Once she was asleep, they came home and he put her in her bed.
-Totally fine in the morning.
-Jon, Daniel, Kate, and I left for the beach yesterday morning. Mom, Dad, and Gretchen came late last night after a wedding.
-On the road to NC. Kate slept like a champ until we stopped for lunch and I tried to feed her.
-Howling commenced.
-Kate refused to eat anything and would not stop shrieking.
-We shoved our food down our throats, calmed her down, and got back on the road.
-Arrived in Emerald Isle, Kate finally ate at 5 pm (had not eaten since 9:30 am).
-Conveniently, urgent care places around here are closed on the weekends.
-Head to Morehead City to BEACH CARE.
-Cute little place with a sweet receptionist (big hair and lots of makeup- who also gave us directions on the phone, "It's across the street from Hooters.").
-They don't take our insurance. Sweet southern receptionist tells me that the ER is the only place open that can't turn us away.
-Don't even really have any symptoms to tell them, so we decide to stay.
-Receptionist says that doctor is the "fairest" person she knows. He probably won't charge us too much out of pocket- between $98-$138
-In and out of BEACH CARE within 40 minutes.
-Diagnosis: She looks fine! Cost: $98.

So, I had my maternal instincts challenged yesterday for $98. The doctor was very kind, and it turned out that he really did charge as little as possible. Mom knows best, though. And something was not right with my sweet girl. No clue what it was, but I KNOW that something was off. She was not herself. But how do you tell the doctor, "She's crying a lot."?? That's what babies do! But mine doesn't. And he made me feel like an idiot. Like I couldn't handle a little crying. Like I don't know my own daughter. Whatever. Anyone who heard it would tell you that it wasn't just "a little crying." He did tell me that if nothing changed, that I could bring her back today for no charge.

Our first full day at the beach is halfway over. And we have yet to set foot on the sand! Dad, Daniel, and Jon set up the cabana this morning to stake our territory. But storms have threatened the rest of the day. We got all set to head down just a few minutes ago... despite the wind, clouds, and rough waves. As soon as we set foot on the walkway to the beach, I got nailed with a raindrop on my forehead. So, we turned around and came back up! I was not trying to run up stairs in the pouring rain with this chica!

Kate and I were in our pajamas until about 2o minutes ago (2:30 pm!!), we ate tomato and bacon sandwiches for lunch, and we're meeting up with Dad's college roommate and his family for dinner (2:30 pm!!). I love vacation...

Here is what the 3 month old beach babe looks like. It's a picture from the pool the other week, but she has the same gear on here at the beach! Anyone can look cool with sunglasses on top of her head! Once we get on the beach, we'll snap some more!

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS, i love those sunglasses!!! i was there on the one other day that kate cried bloody murder (on her 2 month shot day), and it is horrid. i hope she's feeling better!!!