Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's a...

GIRL!! We learned last Thursday afternoon that we are going to be collecting a lot of pink! The votes had been increasing lately in favor of a girl, and my Mom got her biggest wish of all! We are just so grateful that she is very healthy and growing just as she should. The ultrasound pictures were so clear, so it was really exciting to know exactly what we were seeing. The technician was fabulous too, and was very helpful at pointing out things that we might not recognize otherwise. She was so friendly and so excited for us- people she didn't even know! Once we left the office and started calling people to tell them the news, I felt like I had just gotten engaged again! Lots of screaming and very happy friends. We are so blessed! Many of our friends have recently had little gentlemen, so she will have a line of suitors waiting for her! A few more posts to come soon- I finally have some free time and have some more things to share!

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  1. okay, so i was one of those friends on the phone screaming, but somehow reading this post right now, i got tears in my eyes... SO excited for you guys.