Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sitting and Waiting

I'm sitting at home in my favorite recliner, waiting (not so patiently) for my hubby to get home. He took middle school and high school kids on a retreat this weekend, and I didn't go this time. I have been missing him like crazy. Life just isn't right when he isn't here! Of course, I've been by myself many times before when he has gone on youth trips. Maybe my issues are because I'm pregnant this time- I just don't like it when we aren't together other than when we are at work!

My sweet sister came to Richmond for the weekend to be my road trip partner yesterday. One of my college roommates got married yesterday, and G and I made the trip for Caroline's wedding. It was such a beautiful country wedding, although very cold (38-4o degrees and the WHOLE thing was outside!!!!!!!). It was so much fun to have that much time with Gretch and to have her all to myself! I'm so thankful she was willing to come with me to be my date!

Back to staring out the window...

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