Saturday, October 11, 2008

Desperately wanting...

to feel better. Although, I suppose this is just a prelude to the rest of my life! This blog was started when we were in the midst of one major life change- a very painful job move. Mostly, it was just one of those valleys that you hear about... and of course, we emerged from the pit. On to a new (and great!) church, with amazing people. And there we were- back on a mountain again... thinking that it couldn't possibly get any better! Then the test confirmed our suspicions... PREGNANT. And life instantly turned into the best it has ever been (so far!). So the meaning of this blog has been altered again. In the midst of an even bigger change! But who knew that you could be on the tallest mountain in the world, and still feel a little bit in the valley? Thanks to Little One, I am currently there. Keep in mind that I rarely got sick from birth until now. So, that is not helpful at this time. And now, at some point every day, I feel completely lousy.

For several weeks, only a few things actually tasted good to me. What do you do when NOTHING tastes good? The advice that I've been given: You're almost through the first trimester. Just be patient! You are close to the end! What?? How do these people know this? Even I know that not all pregnancies are the same. There is no guarantee that this will end anytime soon! I do know this, though. God has been so gracious to me by allowing me to make it through the school day most every day (8:45-3:45). God has blessed me with a husband who almost doesn't seem real because he is so completely selfless. God has put friends in my life who live nearby and have brought dinner over for two nights in a row. And then stayed to keep us company! So, if feeling (not necessarily getting) this sick means that Little One is becoming healthy, growing, and developing into our sweet son or daughter, I will just deal with it!

And, one of my favorite new-ish moms presented me with a prize. So, check out Momfessions... because you will find some great insight and humor from a sweet college friend of mine.

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